Project Monitoring -
Financial and Technical

Project: Quantum on the Bay

It is to Investors’ and Lenders’ benefit to ensure that their interests are completely protected. Mutual is one of the leading consultants in Canada for Project Monitoring. We understand the lending environment from mezzanine to senior debt facilities. With depth of experience throughout the industry, we can step smoothly into situations at any stage offering a professional team of quality surveying and accounting specialists to control and monitor a project to completion.

Mutual provides a dependable, economical alternative to hiring additional personnel of your own for.

  • Reviewing relevent documentation concerning land development
  • Reviewing construction budgets for accuracy and consistency
  • Verifying borrower's equity
  • Ensuring adequacy of borrower's accounts payable and cost control systems
  • Assisting Lenders with the project economics
  • On-site visits to ensure adherence to budgets and schedules
  • Providing accurate, timely cost-to-complete reports
  • Approving monthly progress of work reports prior to submission for reimbursement

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