Recovery of Funds
through Forensic Audit

Project: BCE Place

Mutual has built a unique reputation for Funds Recovery by combining both technical and financial expertise in Forensic Audits. Our accountants are trained in construction and development and thus we investigate material and construction issues which a general accounting firm would unlikely spot.

Since our inception we have been involved in auditing and recovering funds for clients on development projects ranging from $1 million to $500 million. Funds have been recovered in every case, involving some very substantial amounts. To prepare a fully confidential forensic audit, our services may include;

  • Auditing hard and soft project costs to ensure no overpayments have occurred
  • Change order reviews
  • Determining why a project is over budget
  • Investigating misappropriation of funds
  • Investigating internal fraud
  • Investigating conflict of interest
  • Investigating technical failures, inefficiencies and deficiencies

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