Financial Management
of Development Projects

Project: Martindale Gardens

Mutual Financial Management service for Owners and Developers provides professional construction accounting and quantity surveying expertise on a project basis. This can mean savings in time, effort, and most importantly, money.

No need to go to all the expense of hiring, training, and supervising additional staff for development projects. Contract Mutual as the ‘project office’. We can take invoice processing… cheque runs… bank reconciliations… deposits… draw preparation for financing… and so on… off your to-do list. Our highly qualified staff have experience in the construction business, are able to set responsible policies and procedures for projects on and off site, as well as:

  • Establish cost control systems
  • Accurate job costing on a per unit basis
  • Verify and execute accounts payable
  • Contract management to prevent overbilling
  • Provide comprehensive financial reporting
  • Use leading edge development software

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