Scheduling a Construction Project
Its All About Timing

A properly scheduled Construction project is a like Swiss watch. Perfection!

When a project is not scheduled properly, delays happen and costs skyrocket. Labour costs increase, workers get frustrated and quality goes out the window.

Late delivery of a project means the Construction Financing costs increase and usually leads to extra charges and change orders from Trades. In the Tendering and Negotiating stage, its important to know how long each job should actually take. Some Trades may embellish the timeframe required to complete the task in order to get the job. If they are wrong, it can back up your whole project.

Mutual has the experience and expertise to schedule the job properly and accurately to ensure your project gets completed on time and on budget.

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Mutual Gain can also take care of all of the following:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Development Agreements with the Municipality
  • Construction Financing

    Mutual Gain has earned a solid reputation in the development and construction industry. Project management and forensic capabilities, applied with detailed knowledge of construction costs has allowed its lender, developer, and builder clients to gain greater control and therefore realize greater profits.

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