Design and Construction Drawings
Your Blueprint to Success

Producing the most accurate and efficiently engineered drawings are the key to ensuring that your project gets off to the right start and remains on time and on budget.

A set of drawings that are not well thought out will cause numerous cost over-runs and time delays that can turn a profitable project into a disaster.

Mutual Gain engages all the right consultants that are required to obtain the Development Agreement and produce the Construction Drawings, as quickly, and more importantly, as accurately as possible.

Numerous meetings and detailed reviews are held to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the building. Therefore, when construction does start, the process is smooth and cost effective, with no unnecessary or costly delays. 

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Mutual Gain can also take care of all of the following:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Development Agreements with the Municipality
  • Construction Financing

    Mutual Gain has earned a solid reputation in the development and construction industry. Project management and forensic capabilities, applied with detailed knowledge of construction costs has allowed its lender, developer, and builder clients to gain greater control and therefore realize greater profits.

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